History of Volvo


Volvo Car Corporation is a well-known company which has been serving the customers all over the world with its quality cars. The company has a rich history and continuous to enjoy a pretty good market share. The cars produced by the Volvo Car Corporation are a perfect specimen of quality, design and smooth drive. In this article we will look into the brief history of Volvo and try to understand how it dominated the world for decades.

Historical Insight:

Volvo Car Corporation started as the part of famous ball bearing company of Sweden by the name of SKF. After its initial corporation with SKF, in 1927 the company started to operate as the part of Volvo Group. The company had been through many stages since its inception such as its incorporation with Ford Motor Company in the year 1999 and Geely Holding Group in the year 2010.

Some Major Achievements:

During the 1900’s the company was at its absolute zenith and dominated the world’s automobile market. The company was renowned for its affordable prices and quality cars. The first Car series which was marketed under the brand name of Volvo was OV4. The car series was an instant success during those years

Since it was a new company in the market hence the initial set of cars manufactured by Volvo was 297(the figure is of the first year). The company also successfully produced a truck in the year 1928. Though the company was on its way towards long term dominance however it actually gained public recognition after the conclusion of the famous World War II.

Current Situation:

We have already stated that in 2010 Geely Holding Group of china acquired Volvo; however the car manufacturing responsibilities are still with Ford Motor Group. The cars are designed and manufactured as per the specifications given by Volvo.

Major Innovations:

The mark of a great company is that it follows the blue ocean strategy and makes the competition irrelevant. In today’s competitive environment companies have to bring on continuous innovations. The same has been the case with Volvo. The company has never been shy of trying out things and implementing its plan. During the years Volvo has tried to give various innovations to the world we live in. some of these initiatives are as follows

  • The Swedish Market was caught with surprise when in the year 2005; Volvo introduced its flexi fuel models by the name of E85.
  • A hybrid car by the name of Volvo Recharge was introduced by the company in 2007.
  • In 2010 Volvo’s first ever electric car (Volvo C30 Drive Electric concept car) was exhibited

Volvo Car Corporation has been serving the people of this planet for decades now and the name of Volvo can never be sidelined as far as automobile contributions in the world are concerned. If you want to know more about Volvo then you can surely find a lot of written material on the internet as well as book stores.

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We have many things to thank toward the auto-industry. It’s been the very thing that’s kept us moving as a global economy.

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