Our Reasons

I have been interested in the auto-industry for years! Currently I own a 2002 Volvo S60 along with a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire (convertible with a Mercedes engine!)

I’ve kept track of vehicle histories over several decades and several industries. From the Ford first assembly line to the Harley Davidson motorcycles in World War II all the way to the start of BMW and the Asian invasion of the 1970s.

When I grew up, my father showed me how to build an engine from scratch. I have not built an engine since, but I was quickly blown away by how many moving parts are needed to get an automobile to move!

I know enough about cars to figure out the basic stuff (alternator, radiator, belts, fuel injection, fuel pumps and spark plugs), and, if given enough time with a mechanic, could figure out the rest.

While working on engines isn’t necessarily a hobby, I’ve always been amazed with the history and foundation of the industry.


My first car was a Mazda MX6 and I made it a point to know everything about Mazda and the MX series after I purchased the car. Pretty amazing (blog on that may come soon).

I’ve owned several cars since and the Volvo and BMW is my favorite (although my current convertible is pretty fun).

Along with the auto industry obsession, I also make sure to actually go out and drive. Going on long road trips is the best way to really get to know how capable your car can handle the terrain.

Only after driving for extended periods of times can you see if:

  1. Your car can handle the engine burning at high temperatures extensively
  2. Your tires can handle unexplored roads
  3. Your shocks can create a comfortable experience on the road
  4. Your sound system can entertain!
  5. Your steering system is up to par

On top of that, experiencing different types of weather will also show you what your car is made of. Snow, rain, desert, etc. Dry, wet, cold, all of the above. And, of course, take plenty of food and water if you’re going to be in desolate areas. Especially if you’ve never taken your car out for a long trip.

If you have any questions about cars, I’m 80% sure I can answer, however, if I can’t, I can show you where to look (chances are, I’ll be so curious, I’ll just look myself and give you the answer as though I already knew it (albeit, I always reference my sources!))

It is my pleasure to assist those who want to increase their knowledge of the auto-industry. Please let me know if you have any questions about any model, my expertise is the history, mostly, but if you have any specific auto maintenance questions as well, let me know.

We have many things to thank toward the auto-industry. It’s been the very thing that’s kept us moving as a global economy. I can’t wait to see where the auto industry is headed in the years to come!