Volvo Trucks: Brief History


Whenever the topic of the world’s biggest truck brands will be discussed the name of the Swedish based Volvo Trucks will always come up. Today Volvo Trucks are purchased all over the world and are considered the best as far as Trucks are concerned. The Volvo Trucks are owned and manufactured by the Volvo Group. The trucks are being manufactured in fifteen different countries of the world and are being sold at an annual rate of 100,000 trucks per year. Volvo is a big group and companies like UD trucks, Renault and Mack also come under it.

Historical Background: Volvo Trucks

Though initially Volvo was recognized for its quality cars however the company went for an innovation in the year 1928 when it went for its first ever truck series by the name of LV series 1. The truck got a good response from the market. The Truck was equipped with cylinder engine (2.0 L four) which had a horsepower of 29.  In the first year of its launch 500 Trucks got sold. The truck was a perfect specimen of innovation as the truck had tires of pneumatic nature and was shaft driven as well.

After the initial success of LV series Volvo knew that they had the work force and skill to produce quality trucks. The second series produced by the company was named as series 2. This series had some difference as compared to LV series. The series 2 consisted of only rear axle which made it pretty safe to drive.

Trucks (Six Cylinders):

Volvo is a company which has always believed in innovation and this innovation was again depicted back in the year 1929 when the company produced a Truck that contained six cylinders. The name of this new innovated series was Series 3 truck.  The series 3 overall was pretty similar to the series 2 as far as design was concerned however the major difference was of the Motor used in series 3.

Volvo and its Market today:

Volvo has evolved as a company and continuous to gain the market share, though ups and downs come on all business entities but generally the company is well placed in the market today. The company has manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, United States, India, Russia, China and Australia as well.  The trucks that have been produced by Volvo Today are stronger than the ones they use to produce before. Similarly the security level of these trucks is also much higher as compared to the past. The innovative nature of the company and modern day technology has also played a huge part in this.

The company continues to expand its operations and according to the statistic of 2011 the company had manufactured half a million Trucks in the United States of America alone.  The term Volvo has become a brand and the name of the company will always be at the top whenever automobiles like trucks, construction gear and buses will be discussed. The company has access to 19 different countries of the world and is catering around 180 markets at the moment.

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